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(or perhaps just my rantings)

Two people can never truly communicate with words.  First, there is the disconnect between what a person feels and how they try to consciously understand that.  So, even within a person there is a sort of disconnect between the subconscious and conscious. Then, there is the disconnect between that conscious thought when translated into words.  How could words ever adequately capture thought, which involves so much more? (Ironic that I’m writing this). Secondly, whatever words are spoken by person A will be understood by person B through person B’s lens, experiences, mood, culture, etc etc etc.

Explaining thoughts with words is like fishing with a net that has holes 15 meters wide.  You may catch the largest things, like a whale, of which everyone can see from the furthest distance, but what of the salmon and the tuna?  Not to mention incomprehensible things like algae. To which someone may respond that the whale eats the little planktons, so really when you catch the whale you’ve caught everything below it.  To which I say, a person can see a building, know logically that there was an architect, floor plans, raw materials, consctruction men, cranes - but have no idea what on earth happened to result in the structure before them.  Even simpler, someone can be alive, and continue living, yet have no idea how they are doing that, or even really what life is, what is the life force or the thing that animates us?  So, to say two people can never truly communicate is implicit - one can’t even fully understand themself. How, then, could someone else?

Now, where is this not true, because certainly nothing is true for everything, and that includes this statement.  It seems that none of this is true when Love is involved, the only thing humans will willingly admit they know nothing about, yet all can understand it when it’s been felt, ie/ experienced.  Love is understood with no words, perhaps understood better than anything because it’s not attempted to be consciously understood.  Indeed, Love drives people to say “mere words can never express my Love for you…” and what are words if not an attempt at making a conscious thought tangible after they’ve tried to make the subconscious conscious.  

What else do humans willingly admit they know nothing about yet only the most pessimistic will disbelieve in it?  Love is the only language which holds truth, and only through this truth is communication possible.


Maybe there is one truth, and that truth is One.  And different people’s from different places have figured that out, true or not it’s Truth, and how much we don’t know, and how much less we know by thinking we know everything, if we only spent more time getting to know ourselves how much more we would know about the universe because we are the universe and the universe is us and nothing is linear or 2 or 3 or 4 or even 5 dimensional it is so much greater, literally infinitely greater and unquantifiable, it is the dumbest thought in the world to think we can know anything all we can do is Be, and through that hope to understand something, catch a sliver of sunlight coming through the dense canopy of leaves overhead that is our own arrogance.  Understanding leads to being leads to more understanding, and being leads to understanding leads to more being, it is not linear it is cosmic.

All the dimensions of space and of us are really the same thing, only in this episode I am me and space is space but I must understand that I AM SPACE, I am a spark of energy animating an idea of physicality.  Fire is not fire, it is something else that we see as fire, but understand that we know nothing, and once you understand that you can begin to really get to know nothing, like you know a friend, and once you know nothing, you know that it is Everything because this here that I touch is nothing and everything behind it is Everything, and maybe it’s so obvious that it’s become water to the fish who asks his buddy what the hell is water because really what in the hell is all this but I’ve already admitted that I know nothing and probably can’t possibly know but it’s still an excellent question and still the only thing that makes sense is Love, and that’s the most unfathomable thing of all.  


We are just a millimeter of copper on the cosmic circuit board, animated for the briefest of instants before the electric charge continues on, going infinitesimally, neither fast nor slow, because time doesn’t exist.


Our bodies are just a millimeter of copper on the cosmic circuit board.  We are the electric charge.  Humans don’t have souls; we are souls.  We have bodies.


Are we all the same electric charge?  Or separate? Perhaps we’re all individual electrons, and together we make up the charge, and that charge, that 1 singular charge, is the Universe.   

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